Lyme Disease Treatments

Lyme Disease Treatments

lymediseaseEliminate sugars, starches, grains, legumes, dairy

Mineral Chi Tonic or Essential Liquid Minerals 2 oz a day
Green Zone 2 T a day
Protease Plus 3 three times a day on an empty stomach
Colostrum 3 twice a day to cleanse lectins
Cat’s Claw 4 three times a day to cleanse the bacterial infection
Add colloidal Silver, amount in oz. determined by practitioner

Studies on Silver available from Nature’s Sunshine reveal the following stunning facts :
50 cases of viral pneumonia were treated with great success.
Lyme disease was inhibited.
A study at BYU compared Silver to antibiotics on 7 different pathogens, E coli, B, E aerogens, E cloacae, S typhimunium, P aeruginosa, S gordonii, S aureus. Silver killed all the bacteris tested, Antibiotics did not work equally well on all the above bacteria. Silver was more effective than 19 different antibiotics in equally killing these 7 different bacteria tested.

Kidney Cleanse

LiquidChlorophyl-Kidney Cleanse

A kidney cleanse reduces arthritis, gout, anxiety symptomsPsoriasis maybe greatly reduced.

8 am – Drink a glass of water with a squirt of lemon juice and 2 capsules of K
9:30 am – Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of Liquid Chlorophyll and take 2 capsules of K
11:00 am Water and lemon juice and 2 K
12:30 am Water and Liquid Chlorophyll and 2 K
Repeat every hour and a half until 9:30 pm .
If there are kidney stones add 2 Hydrangea capsules and 1 Marshmallow capsule to each glass of water.
If there is arthritis add 2 capsules ART-A.
If there is pain take lemon juice straight up.
This cleanse has been known to be very effective for kidney stones, gout and arthritis.
The kidney cleanse can be repeated twice a month if needed.
In between cleanses take Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz and K , ART-A and Hydrangea on a daily basis about 2 capsules three times a day until all symptoms subside.
Products are available at the clinic.

Treatment for Shingles

shinglesTreatment for Shingles

This is a serious condition where the herpes zoster virus attacks the nerves. It manifests by an itchy, painful rash, especially along the spine. But it can appear on the head and arms and legs as well.
It is this same virus that causes cold sores. Fortunately, NSP has a Chinese formula designed just for that virus. (It works on other viruses, too) It is called HRP-C. I recall a number of years ago visiting an elderly lady who was not well and said she had shingles on her head, and it was very painful. I told her about the HRP-C, but she said she was following her doctor’s program. So I told her to call me if she wanted my help. A number of months later I dropped in when I was in that area again, to see how she was doing. She had DIED. Her family said the virus had gone into her brain and killed her.
Over the years I have worked with so many people who have had shingles, and they have all gotten better. This is the basic program I tell everyone about:
HRP-C 8 capsules per day (4 capsules twice daily with meals)
OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT 6 per day. Also anti-viral.
VITAMIN B COMPLEX about 4-6 per day to support the nerves, since that is the site of the infection
Silver Guard Gel can be used externally on the rash for the pain.
RE-X   4 caps twice a day for internal nerve pain.



My College in B.C. has a flourishing practice and had the following testimonial written by a young client, who she treated for LUPUS.

“You Don’t have to Have Lupus or Be Diseased. Just Make a Decision Says Lynn….”:

Ten years ago Lynn was diagnosed with Lupus and was given 2 years to live .
“My whole life ended and I went into a deep depression. I was hospitalized to a psych ward for a period of 3 months .I was totally overwhelmed and I broke down.” For years Lynn’s life was totally consumed by doctors. Visits to the doctors’ offices was her entire social life.” I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I was living on borrowed time. All I did was make appointments with doctors and sit around in the waiting rooms to see doctors. I shaved my legs daily to see doctors. I was up to visiting 15 doctors a week. I was very timid and I was lost. I was bitter. Why is my life shutting down?“
No one could give Lynn an answer. Then one day she made a decision – a decision that changed her life. Someone had told her about Donna Roth, an expert herbalist and she decided to visit her for a consultation. The consultation discovered that Lynn was very deficient in many different minerals, enzymes , and essential fatty acids. On July 31/06 Lynn started on her new adventure.

“I decided I would do exactly what Donna said I should do. I taped the instructions to my fridge and I stuck to the program.”

Every day Lynn took the following Nature’s Sunshine herbal program:
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 oz a day
Nature’s Gold Barley
LIV-C 12 capsules a day
Evening Primrose Oil 4 capsules a day
Colostrum 4 a day

No sugar, pop, wheat, yeast products. A diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, hormone free meat, eggs. Water only to drink.

At the end of August 2006 Lynn visited her liver specialist who did a liver enzyme test for her. The results showed the liver enzymes to be down to normal for the first time in 10 years. The doctor couldn’t believe it and so he did another liver test just in case there was an error in the testing procedures. Once again the liver test showed the enzyme levels to be perfectly normal. All other blood tests showed everything to be in the normal range. The blood pressure came down from 180/110 to 127/85. The doctor was absolutely amazed and told Lynn she wouldn’t have to see him for another 6 months. Lynn also weaned off 5 of her 7 medications- the anti malaria drugs, the blood pressure meds, the diuretics, the potassium and the arthritic pain drugs.
Today Lynn rarely has any pain. The cramps she would have in the liver and the ribs every time she ate have gone. Her leg cramps decreased dramatically. She rarely gets headaches any more and her sugar cravings are gone. The anxiety attacks, stress and depression are gone. Her sporadic menstrual cycle is normal now
“ I learned I had to speak for myself and do it myself. I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I changed my eating habits. I changed my shopping habits from cookies and potato chips to fruits and vegetables. I get excited when I cook now. I discovered how my intestinal tract works. I feel younger today then I did 10 years ago. “

So if you want to make a decision call Tay Bodyworks 613-267-1220 and get a consultation to find out what you’re body is lacking in and get those life changing herbals! We do nutritional counseling to help change your habits.

Testimonial from Carol Brown in Lacrete, Alberta: