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Ashwagandha - Dr. Axe

If you are looking to restore your energy, look younger, and reverse disease then ashwagandha may be the herb you’re looking for. As you’re about to see, ashwagandha benefits are impressive.

Ashwagandha, is an adaptogenic herb popular in Ayurvedic medicine that has shown incredible results for lowering cortisol and balancing thyroid hormones.

In India, ashwagandha is known as the “strength of the stallion” since it has traditionally been used to strengthen the immune system after illness.
Ashwagandha has also been referred to as Indian ginseng because of its ability to enhance stamina and has extraordinary stress relieving properties.

There have been over 200 studies on Ashwagandha’s ability to:

Reduce anxiety and depression
Combat effects of stress
Increase stamina and endurance
Prevent and treat cancer
Reduce brain cell degeneration
Stabilize blood sugar
Lower cholesterol
Boost immunity

In this article I’m going to discuss the benefits of ashwagandha in healing your thyroid, adrenal glands, improving mood and energy, preventing cancer, and supporting brain health.

Ashwagandha Thyroid Benefits

Ashwagandha is a superstar when it comes to improving the health of your thyroid.  Scientists don’t completely understand how adaptogens work, but we know that they can be extremely effective especially at balancing hormones.

One of the most incredible aspects about adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha is that it can help people with both hypo and hyper thyroid issues.  It has been shown to support a sluggish thyroid for people diagnosed with Hashimotos, and has been shown to improve the health of those with an overactive thyroid or Graves disease.

Adaptogenic herbs work with your body to bring you back into balance whether your levels are high or low.

Ashwagandha Adrenal Rejuvenation

Ashwagandha has also been proven effective in supporting adrenal function helping you overcome adrenal fatigue and chronic stress.

Your adrenal glands are endocrine glands that are responsible for releasing hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) in response to stress on your body.

If your adrenals are overtaxed due to an overabundance of emotional, physical and mental stress, it can lead to a condition known as adrenal fatigue. As you can see from this chart below, if your adrenals become exhausted it can also disrupt your other hormones, including progesterone, which can cause infertility and lower DHEA — which can cause you to age faster.


Medical studies have shown that ashwagandha improves cortisol levels, improves insulin sensitivity and naturally balances hormones. A case study reported a case of a 57-year-old woman with non-classical adrenal hyperplasia. She was treated with ashwagandha for six months, and after her treatment she saw improvements in four adrenal hormone markers, including corticoosterone and 11-deoxycortisol, which decreased by 69 percent and 55 percent respectively — a major improvement!

This hormonal improvement was also accompanied by a noticeable reduction in hair loss.

Benefits Brain Health

Emotional, physical, and chemical stress can all have damaging effects to the brain and nervous system.  Recent research has proven ashwagandha is more than a stress reliever, it also protects the brain from degeneration and improves symptoms of alzheimer’s, depression, and anxiety.

One of the main reasons ashwagandha is so effective at healing the brain has to do with its powerful antioxidants that destroy free radicals that cause aging. A study published in Phytotherapy Research explains these benefits:

Several studies have revealed that natural antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene, may help in scavenging free radicals generated during the initiation and progression of this [Alzheimer’s] disease.  But we found Ashwagandha afforded lipid peroxidation inhibitory effects more potent than commercial antioxidants.

Researchers at the National Brain Research Centre found that mice with Alzheimer’s were unable to retain what they learned, but after 20 days of supplementing with ashwagandha, this improved significantly. The results of the study found a reduction in amyloid plaques (these cause degradation of the brain).

Improves Mood

There is also now evidence that ashwagandha is effective at treating both anxiety and depression.  In fact, in a recent study its results were comparable to common pharmaceutical drugs lorazepam and imipramine without the side effects.

In the 12-week controlled study, 87 participants with anxiety were given 300mg of ashwagandha two times a day or two placebo pills two times per day.  The group treated with ashwagandha resulted in much greater improvements in anxiety as well as focus, reduced stress, and decreased fatigue than the placebo group.

The other major benefit of ashwagandha is that there are no adverse reactions by taking it compared to anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications which can have terrible side effects.

 Prevents and Treats Cancer

Ashwagandha extract has been shown in studies to have very promising benefits when it comes to helping with preventing and treating cancer. In certain studies, researchers have found that ashwagandha extract has a powerful anti-tumor effect. (1)

The extract has been shown to help inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells – specifically breast, lung, stomach, and colon cancer cells which are among some of the leading types of cancers in the world. It’s believed that ashwagandha helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells mostly due to its immune boosting and antioxidant abilities. Supplementing with ashwagandha is correlated with an increase in white blood cells within the body, which indicate that the immune system is better able to protect the body from disease and harmful invaders (2).  Another way that ashwagnadha helps prevent cancer is due to its ability to stop blood vessels around cancer cells from feeding into the growth of cancerous tumors.

In addition to preventing cancer cells from growing, studies have shown that ashwagandha can be a very useful addition to chemotherapy in treating existing cancer. Taking the extract seems to be effective in halting the immune system from becoming suppressed during chemotherapy.

Ashawagandha is able to counteract one of the biggest concerns with chemotherapy- the count of white blood cells in the body becoming lowered, which puts cancer patients as much higher risk for things like infection. Many cancer experts are now recommending ashwagandha extract be both a cancer prevention method as well as an addition to typical cancer treatments. In fact some studies have shown that some patients are even able to reverse signs of cancer using ashwagandha alone over other standard treatment methods (3).

Increases Stamina and Endurance

Studies have shown that ahswagandha can boost endurance during physical activity by sharpening brain function and reducing bodily pain. Due to its positive calming, yet energizing, effects on the brain and ability to lower stress hormones, ashwaganha showed improvements in concentration, motivation, and stamina in conducted studies.

One particular study found that when lab rats were given ashwagandha, they actually were able to swim twice as long compared to the same type of rats that were not given the supplements (4). Researchers believe that similar effects take place in humans due to the extract’s ability to balance adrenal hormones that are involved in physical activity. The extract was also shown to reduce bodily pain in the muscles and joints while at the same time keeping energy levels more steady, which is another reason why it could be a promising supplement for athletes, or for those who find it difficult to be physically active due to pain.

Ashwagandha Dosage

As you can see, ashwagandha is an adaptogenic superstar that can have some tremendous health benefits.  I recommend supplementing with 500mg 1-2x daily along with following a diet high in healthy fats, protein, and fiber as well as removing grains and sugars from your diet.

These dietary changes along with supplementing with ashwagandha can help you see great results in aging slower, reducing stress, balancing hormones, boosting energy, and improving neurological health.



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The amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush

The best remedy for any disease ~ chronic or not ~ is to do a series of Flushes, that clean the liver and gallbladder from debris and congestion! Also keeping the colon clean through colon irrigation is an effective method to safeguard the liver against toxins generated in the large intestine. So it is important to do a ‘colonic’ before and after a flush. A flush can be done safely at home. Andreas Moritz describes this powerful method in his book:
Product DetailsThis book explains why it is important to do these flushes and also features pictures of expelled ‘stones’. Understanding the functions of our digestive system is the first step to achieving Health and Well being.

Lyme Disease

Cat’s Claw for Lyme Disease

Study Shows Pentacyclic Alkaloid Chemotype Uncaria tomentosa to be Effective In Treating Chronic Lyme Disease (Lyme Borreliosis)

INVESTIGATORS: William Lee Cowden, M.D. Hamid Moayad, D.O. Joan Vandergriff, N.D. Luis Romero, M.D., Ph.D. Svetlana Ivanova, M.D., Ph.D.

Control Group A few patients experienced slight improvement, and the rest remained with no positive change in their clinical condition at the end of study.

Experimental Group 100% of patients experienced marked clinical improvement; 85% were seronegative for Lyme disease at the end of study. Pilot Study Results A 6-month pilot study was recently conducted with 28 patients suffering from Advanced Chronic Lyme disease. All the patients tested positive for Lyme disease utilizing the Western Blot blood test for Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. The control groupwas treated with conventional antibiotic treatment, and at the end of the study, from 14 patients in this group, 3 slightly improved, 3 got worse, and the rest remained with no change in their clinical condition. The experimental groupwas treated with Pentacyclic Alkaloid Chemotype Uncaria tomentosa. At the end of the study, 85% of the patients in this group tested negative for Bb, and all the patients experienced a dramatic improvement in their clinical condition. A full report will be available soon.

Protocol for Lyme Disease
Eliminate sugars, starches, grains, legumes, dairy
Mineral Chi Tonic or Essential Liquid Minerals 2 oz a day
Green Zone 2 T a day
Protease Plus 3 three times a day on an empty stomach
Colostrum 3 twice a day to cleanse lectins
Cat’s Claw 4 three times a day to cleanse the bacterial infection


23. April 2015
Kidney Cleanse
A kidney cleanse reduces arthritis, gout, anxiety symptoms. Psoriasis maybe greatly reduced.

8 am – Drink a glass of water with a squirt of lemon juice and 2 capsules of K
9:30 am – Drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of Liquid Chlorophyll and take 2 capsules of K
11:00 am Water and lemon juice and 2 K
12:30 am Water and Liquid Chlorophyll and 2 K
Repeat every hour and a half until 9:30 pm .
If there are kidney stones add 2 Hydrangea capsules and 1 Marshmallow capsule to each glass of water.
If there is arthritis add 2 capsules ART-A.
If there is pain take lemon juice straight up.
This cleanse has been known to be very effective for kidney stones, gout and arthritis.
The kidney cleanse can be repeated twice a month if needed.
In between cleanses take Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz and K , ART-A and Hydrangea on a daily basis about 2 capsules three times a day until all symptoms subside.
Products are available at the clinic.
This is a serious condition where the herpes zoster virus attacks the nerves. It manifests by an itchy, painful rash especially along the spine. But it can appear on the head and arms and legs as well.
It is this same virus that causes cold sores. Fortunately, NSP has a Chinese formula designed just for that virus. (It works on other viruses, too) It is called HRP-C. I recall a number of years ago visiting an elderly lady who was not well and said she had shingles on her head, and it was very painful. I told her about the HRP-C, but she said she was following her doctor’s program. So I told her to call me if she wanted my help. A number of months later I dropped in when I was in that area again, to see how she was doing. She had DIED. Her family said the virus had gone into her brain and killed her.
Over the years I have worked with so many people who have had shingles, and they have all gotten better. This is the basic program I tell everyone about:
HRP-C 8 capsules per day (4 capsules twice daily with meals)
OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT 6 per day. Also anti-viral.
VITAMIN B COMPLEX about 4-6 per day to support the nerves, since that is the site of the infection
Silver Guard Gel can be used externally on the rash for the pain.
RE-X   4 caps twice a day for internal nerve pain.

My College in B.C. has a flourishing practice and had the following testimonial written by a young client, who she treated for LUPUS.
“You Don’t have to Have Lupus or Be Diseased. Just Make a Decision Says Lynn….”:

Ten years ago Lynn was diagnosed with Lupus and was given 2 years to live .
“My whole life ended and I went into a deep depression. I was hospitalized to a psych ward for a period of 3 months .I was totally overwhelmed and I broke down.” For years Lynn’s life was totally consumed by doctors. Visits to the doctors’ offices was her entire social life.” I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I was living on borrowed time. All I did was make appointments with doctors and sit around in the waiting rooms to see doctors. I shaved my legs daily to see doctors. I was up to visiting 15 doctors a week. I was very timid and I was lost. I was bitter. Why is my life shutting down?“
No one could give Lynn an answer. Then one day she made a decision – a decision that changed her life. Someone had told her about Donna Roth, an expert herbalist and she decided to visit her for a consultation. The consultation discovered that Lynn was very deficient in many different minerals, enzymes , and essential fatty acids. On July 31/06 Lynn started on her new adventure.
“I decided I would do exactly what Donna said I should do. I taped the instructions to my fridge and I stuck to the program.”
Every day Lynn took the following Nature’s Sunshine herbal program:
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 3 oz a day
Nature’s Gold Barley
LIV-C 12 capsules a day
Evening Primrose Oil 4 capsules a day
Colostrum 4 a day

No sugar, pop, wheat, yeast products. A diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, hormone free meat, eggs. Water only to drink.
At the end of August/2006 Lynn visited her liver specialist who did a liver enzyme test for her. The results showed the liver enzymes to be down to normal for the first time in 10 years. The doctor couldn’t believe it and so he did another liver test just in case there was an error in the testing procedures. Once again the liver test showed the enzyme levels to be perfectly normal. All other blood tests showed everything to be in the normal range. The blood pressure came down from 180/110 to 127/85. The doctor was absolutely amazed and told Lynn she wouldn’t have to see him for another 6 months. Lynn also weaned off 5 of her 7 medications- the anti malaria drugs, the blood pressure meds, the diuretics, the potassium and the arthritic pain drugs.
Today Lynn rarely has any pain. The cramps she would have in the liver and the ribs every time she ate have gone. Her leg cramps decreased dramatically. She rarely gets headaches any more and her sugar cravings are gone. The anxiety attacks, stress and depression are gone. Her sporadic menstrual cycle is normal now
“ I learned I had to speak for myself and do it myself. I was letting the doctors tell me what to do. I changed my eating habits. I changed my shopping habits from cookies and potato chips to fruits and vegetables. I get excited when I cook now. I discovered how my intestinal tract works. I feel younger today then I did 10 years ago. “

So if you want to make a decision call Tay Bodyworks 613-267-1220 and get a consultation to find out what you’re body is lacking in and get those life changing herbals! We do nutritional counseling to help change your habits.


  • Helps with the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses.
  • Helps nerve to relax.
  • Helps regulate the heartbeat.
  • Helps burn fat and produce energy.
  • Aids in maintaining the body’s proper pH balance.
  • May help prevent depression, premenstrual syndrome, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease.
  • Helps reduce and dissolve calcium phosphate kidney stones.
  • Prevents premature labor and convulsions in pregnant women.
  • both magnesium citrate and malate are found in this product from Nature’s Sunshine


In addition to being the primary structural component of bones and teeth, calcium acts somewhat like a shock absorber for the body when a stressor hits. It helps trigger adrenal hormone secretion, facilitate the transmission of messages throughout the nervous system, calm sensory and motor nerves, activate enzymes that release stored energy in the muscles, modulate muscle tone (including in the heart and blood vessels), control blood acid- alkaline balance, and regulate the flow of nutrients in and out of the cells. It is so important to survival that the body takes calcium from the bones when circulating levels are too low.

calcium-carbonateStress reduces calcium absorption in the intestine but there are a variety of dietary and physiological factors that can enhance calcium uptake. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium in the small intestine and decreases loss of calcium in the urine. Vitamin D can be obtained through food, supplements and skin exposure to sunlight.  Moderate protein and fat intake, adequate hydrochloric acid in the stomach, vitamin C and exercise also improve absorption of calcium.

Calcium and magnesium counterbalance each others actions in the body to maintain equilibrium. For example, during the stress response calcium helps increase blood pressure and muscle tone in preparation for physical action, then as the stress lessens, magnesium helps muscles and the cardiovascular system relax. Magnesium also helps calcium stay more soluble in the body, reducing calcification. The typical recommended daily amount of calcium is 750 to 1,000 mg. When supplemental calcium is used, at least half that amount of supplemental magnesium should also be taken.

Like magnesium, calcium is absorbed best after 8 PM, but because calcium can interfere with magnesium absorption in the intestine, it is better to take calcium and magnesium at different times. They can be taken on alternate evenings or at separate times in the later part of the same day, but take the magnesium closer to bedtime. Also, the presence of dietary fiber can help protect magnesium absorption from calcium inhibition.

Cow’s milk and dairy foods are commonly considered to be good food sources of calcium. However, commercially available cow’s milk presents two problems in this regard: 1) The process of pasteurization and ultra pasteurization changes the calcium complexes in the milk, making them less suitable for the body. 2) Synthetic vitamin D2, made  by irradiating ergosterol, is commonly used to fortify milk but produces much less enhancement of calcium absorption in humans than does an equivalent amount of D3 (the form that naturally occurs in milk), and tends to increase calcification in the joints and other areas of the body. Certified raw milk and goat’s milk, fortified with natural D3, do not pose these problems to calcium absorption.

There are several other factors to consider about using milk as the primary source of calcium: the calcium to magnesium ratio in milk is approximately 10:1, so the more milk is consumed, the more magnesium needs to be obtained from other sources to prevent a magnesium deficiency. Although milk protein (casein) and milk sugar (lactose), in small amounts, facilitate absorption of calcium, diets high in meat and dairy protein can cause an acid condition that the body tries to balance with calcium taken from the bones. In addition, many people these days are sensitive or allergic to the protein or sugar in milk and other dairy foods.

Phytates found in raw plant foods like leafy greens, whole grains, nuts and legumes also interfere with the body’s ability to use calcium. Phytate levels can be lowered by certain food processes such as using yeast to raise dough; lightly roasting or sprouting seeds, grains, legumes, nuts; presoaking legumes and then cooking them in fresh water; and fermentation.

Good non-dairy food sources of calcium include sprouted or lightly roasted sesame seeds (unhulled) and products made from them such as tahini and humus; calcium set tofu; cooked deep green vegetables such as kale, collard, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, parsley and broccoli; sprouted legumes (soy beans, mung beans, etc.); legumes that have been soaked and then cooked in fresh water; fermented soy products such as miso and tempeh; winter squash; figs; nuts; and sea vegetables such as kelp; blackstrap molasses; sardines; canned fish and meat stews cooked with bones in.

When taking supplemental calcium, look for calcium citrate or calcium lactate (if you are not sensitive to milk). It is best to avoid calcium from bone meal, dolomite, or unrefined oyster shells as these may contain lead or other toxic metals. Keep in mind that your body can normally efficiently process about 500 mg. of calcium at any one time, whether from food or supplements. If you are taking more than this in supplements, split them up into several doses for optimum absorption and utilization.

Cow’s milk and dairy foods are commonly considered to be good food sources of calcium. However, commercially available cow’s milk presents two problems in this regard: 1) The process of pasteurization and ultra pasteurization changes the calcium complexes in the milk, making them less suitable for the body. 2) Synthetic vitamin D2, made  by irradiating ergosterol, is commonly used to fortify milk but produces much less enhancement of calcium absorption in humans than does an equivalent amount of D3 (the form that naturally occurs in milk), and tends to increase calcification in the joints and other areas of the body. Certified raw milk and goat’s milk, fortified with natural D3, do not pose these problems to calcium absorption.

Making smoothies and cleansing the inside is a wonderful way of feeling re-newed!

We can start with 14 foods that can help detoxify the liver:
* Garlic
* Grapefruit
* Beets and Carrots
* Green tea
* Leafy, Green Vegetables: Kale, Spinach Broccoli to name the most important ones
* Avocados
* Apples
* Olive oil, Avocado oil, Walnut Oil, Sesame oil……..
* Whole grains, preferably organic
* Lemons and Limes
* Walnuts, Almonds…..
* Cabbage
* Turmeric
* Carob

The Connection between your Gut and your Brain

It’s well known that some of the critical nutrients necessary for healthy brain and neurotransmitter functioning are zinc, tryptophan, B Vitamins, and Omega3 fatty acids.

Science is now adding to this list probiotics and the very intestinal system that they populate. New research in the last few years is showing that probiotics can influence the nervous system! These new findings show that probiotics and the intestines play a leading role in producing, absorbing and transporting feel-good neuro-chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, and nerve growth factors, which are essential for a healthy brain, mood, and nerve function.

The vast majority of feel-good hormones and chemicals are produced around the intestines by what scientists now call your ‘second brain’, writes renowned neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D. “The nerve cells in your gut are not only regulating muscles, immune cells, and hormones, but also manufacturing an estimated 80 to 90 % of your body’s serotonin. In fact, your intestinal brain makes more serotonin that the brain that rests in your skull!!”

A recent article in ‘Popular Science’ magazine states: “The treatment does not involve an individual chemical but rather a plethora of them which act to reduce inflammation, calm stress and bring about a more pleasant mood….they are called quite simply, ‘psycho-biotics’.

Research into probiotics is being called a new emerging science. One double-blind study found that when participants were subjected to an allergic reaction from pollen, those given a dose of lactobacillus casei probiotics saw changes in allergic inflammation in their nasal lining, as well as changes in their blood, that were associated with immune responses. This was evidence of how certain probiotics can influence cells not just in the gut lining,
but as far away as the nasal passages. Just how profound an effect probiotics have on the entire human body is still a mystery to science.

Safe to say, earlier generations relied on homemade fermented foods for their daily dose of probiotics. Today, alternative health care practitioners recommend adding a probiotic supplement to your daily diet to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your intestinal system.

Testimonial from Carol Brown in Lacrete, Alberta:
“We literally sell a lot of NSP probiotics out of our practice. Many of our customers specifically ask for them. Mostly, we recommend them for gut health, digestion issues and even bad breath. They are an extremely versatile supplement and are easily tolerated by everyone, even kids. If someone doesn’t like taking them in capsule form, we simply recommend they open the capsules up by twisting them and take the powder in Juice or water or in a smoothie.Our favorite is the Probiotic 11 because of the wide spectrum of 11 different probiotics it provides.

Improving well being also can be done with Sauna, Ionic Footbath and Colon Hydro Therapy (washing out the large Intestine)

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