Tay Bodyworks
reclaim and maintain your Health!


Our mission is to help people reclaim and maintain their Health.
We are passionate about finding the root cause of dis-ease, imbalances that lead to
illness. We care deeply about every person that comes into our clinic looking for solutions!

To offer help, we can pin point areas of weakness in the body (organs and tissues) and then by nourishing these areas, we encourage our bodies to heal themselves naturally.

Zyto Compass Bio Body Scan

A consultation at the clinic may start with the Zyto Compass Bio Body Scan” , a  scanning device and computer software program that detects weaknesses in 76 different areas of the body. The results determine what areas of the body are nutritionally deficient and various supplements can then be used to correct the deficiencies. (Click on image to right for more details about the Zyto Compass Bio Body Scan)


A more thorough Investigation of health issues can be done by Live and Dry Blood Analysis.  Live blood analysis allows us to check liver, kidney and bowel functioning. It also shows us where there are digestive issues and poor absorption of nutrients, oxygen and protein. We can clearly see if their are nutritional deficiencies, pH imbalances,  also bacterial, viral, yeast/fungal and parasitic activity. Heavy metal deposits will also be indicated as well as many more things.  Dry Blood analysis can tell us about hormonal imbalances, free radical damage, and possible degenerative activity. (For more details about what Blood analysis can do for you click on the image to the left)

Nearly 90% of all degenerative diseases begin in the Digestive Tract. When digestion slows down, constipation, diarrhea and inflammation set in, especially after the age of 50, toxins don’t get eliminated and two things happen: The waste in the colon begins sit and rot and new food intake creates bloating, gas, discomfort and tiredness. The toxins go back into the blood stream and make you queasy, tired, achy and cause headaches and migraines. A dirty colon becomes a breeding ground for parasites, yeast infections, tumors and inflammatory diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, colorectal cancer and more…(Click on the image to the right to find out more about Colon Hydro Therapy and what it can do for you)


herbal-remedyCleansing & Detoxing: An important first step in traditional healing
 We offer Herbal Counseling. There are over 5,000 medicinal herbs so an objective evaluation is usually an important step in choosing the right herb. Aside from ridding the body of disease-causing toxic build up, an herbal detox cleanse increases energy, improves the immune system, reverses constipation, helps in weight loss and improves the complexion. We offer only the best quality herbs from Nature’s Sunshine.




Massage benefits and improves body function. Deeper muscle structure is softened and lubricated, range of motion (neck and shoulders) improved. Regular muscle massage de-stresses, helps eliminate physical aches and pains and helps alleviate anxiety and tension. We are using non stain oils from natural sources! Essential oils included


We offer many more services that can help speed up the healing process such as Infrared Sauna, Ionic Foot-bath, Reiki, Weight Loss products,  For details on these services see our Services menu or click on the images below.

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