Colon Hydro Therapy

What is Colon Hydro Therapy, and how does this work?

The colon is the last part of your digestive tract. It is here that DSCN4792
stagnation and non-elimination causes chronic
inflammation and therefore disease.
The Aquanet EC-2000 is the latest and so far best and safest machine made in Canada! It will cleanse the entire colon using warm, filtered water without the use of chemicals. This device is a ‘closed system’ which ensures a comfortable, pain free procedure while maintaining the dignity of the client. There is no open evacuation and no offensive odors.
This video explains what to expect from a colon hydrotherapy session with an Aquanet colon hydrotherapy device.

Aquanet EC-2000 Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

The Aquanet EC-2000™ is the only professional colon hydrotherapy instrument in the world capable of delivering gentle gravity treatment and pressure treatment interchangeably during the same treatment using the same device.

Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST)

This crucial technology is unique to Aquanet devices. It monitors and controls the increase of pressure in the colon during the colon hydrotherapy treatment and ensures that a safe upper limit of 2psi of pressure is never exceeded. With APST™, the most comfortable, safe, and effective treatments are possible. Enough pressure can be used to ensure effective treatments even with very constipated patients without risk of exceeding a safe level of pressure. APST is one of the secrets to superior colonoscopy preparation with Aquanet EC-2000.

What benefits can I expect?
Effective relief of Constipationcolon
Both old and impacted and new waste material is being softened and removed.

  • Improves overall Energy within the first few treatments
  • Helps to eliminate Pain, fatigue, asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, Candida, liver conditions, allergies, high blood pressure, Impetigo, just to name a few…
  • Provides detection and elimination of parasites
  • Valuable in preparation of (bowel) surgery
  • Helps overcome and ease chemo and radiation treatments
  • effective toxin relief improves overall body functions!
  • ‘Washing’ the colon removes toxic waste and makes you feel fresh and light!

With a series of Treatments, the colon tones and normalizes. The number of treatments varies. You are unique! During Sessions a recommendation as of how many, can be made by the practitioner.

Colon Hydro Therapy is also an effective cleansing method before a Colonoscopy!

Treatments are always given in a clean, warm and private room with close access to a bathroom. A fresh gown is given, since you have to undress from the waist down. Additionally, you are lying underneath a clean sheet on a padded table. To refresh after the treatments, wipes are offered.

People are frequently surprised how easy, relaxed and comfortable they feel and wish they had “done it” sooner! The reward is a cleaner, lighter feeling, which may include easier breathing and a good night’s sleep.

The side effects may include weight loss, more energy, less joint pain, beautiful skin, better eyesight, better hearing and loosing other symptoms you may have had for a long time!

How do I prepare for my colonic?
Eating lightly 3 days before your appointment is a good idea: More fruits and vegetables than meat is recommended. Drinking 4-8 large glasses of water (depending on age and body weight) a day should be every person’s goal, not just before a colonic.
Go for walks, move your body daily!
More Diet recommendations will be made with your first visit.

Can I have a colonic while having a period?
If the menses is not too strong, it is safe to have a colonic during this time of the month. Using a tampon is fine.

One session 50-60 min. costs $130.– Tax in

 Please do not miss your appointments with us. Give us a call and reschedule if you cannot make it. Your no show prevents us from helping other clients!

If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay for the missed session.