20170220_091315Consultation is your first visit

Not feeling like you should??
Tired of being tired? Interested in finding a more effective solution to your health problems? Let’s discuss your health history and make a plan.

To shed ‘more light’ into your situation we offer:
* Live and Dry Blood Analysis

An action plan can be:
* Cleansing and balancing pH through a new dietary program
* Cleansing, detoxifying and balancing pH with herbs
* Cleansing through Colon Hydrotherapy (please watch video under
‘  colon hydro therapy’ !)

* Cleansing with Ionic Foot Bath
* Learning about your diet – you feel as good as what you eat!

One hour consultation  $100.–

Come on in and give us a try: 613-390-1220 (mobile), and 613-267-1220